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Hoco Lightning male – micro USB female

The HOCO Lightning Micro USB Adapter lets you connect your iPhone / iPad or iPod to a Lightning socket on

Hoco USB-C male – micro USB female (UA8)

The UA8 adapter from USB Type-C to Micro-USB supports data transfer and transfer. Dimensions: 2.4mmx1.3mmx0.6mm  Weight: 4g. Zinc alloy shell. 

HP USB-C to VGA Adapter

Enlarge your PC content to an external display or TV. Easy to Carry Adapter for quick connections anywhere. HP 1-year

XO USB-A male – USB-C female (NB149-E)

Allows you to connect a device with a USB Type-C male cable to a USB A port.

XO USB-C male – USB-A female (NB149-F)

Adapter for connecting a USB-A device to the Type-C port of your laptop. Supports OTG for connecting peripherals to your